Articles on acupuncture

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ABCNews on Acupuncture

Oprah Says YES to Acupuncture

Mayo Clinic Recommends Acupuncture

Huffington Post Recommends Acupuncture

How Acupuncture Became Popular in US: James Resdon Story

NIH Supports Acupuncture
NIH (National Institutes of Health) FAQs page supporting acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture NIH Consensus Statement
NIH (National Institutes of Health) landmark 1997 Consensus statement. "Objective. To provide health care providers, patients, and the general public with a responsible assessment of the use and effectiveness of acupuncture for a variety of conditions"

Licensed Acupuncturist vs. Certified (Medical or Chiropractor) Acupuncture

Are Acupuncturists Doctors?

Acupuncture Videos

We Are Acupuncture (1 ½ min)
Dramatic video shows what acupuncturists can do.

Chinese Medicine & What Acupuncture Treats (1 min)

Army Using Acupuncture for Troops in Afghanistan (3min)

NBC: Duke University Uses Acupuncture Anesthesia During Surgery (1 ½ min)

Duke University Shows Acupuncture More Effective than Drugs for Headaches (3min)

9,000 Needle’s Documentary (6 min)
Moving trailer for documentary about body builder/stroke victim who goes to China for acupuncture.

Study Shows Acupuncture Relieves Hot Flashes From Chemotherapy (2min)
Acupuncture is shown superior to drug therapy in relieving hot flashes for chemo patients.  Study author Dr. Eleanor Walker discusses her findings in this short clip.

Chile Earthquake Victims Receive Acupuncture for PTSD (6 min)
In this moving video, patients describe their experiences with acupuncture for PTSD.

Wall Street Journal Discusses Acupuncture: How it Works & Some Conditions Treated (2min)

Today Show Favorable on Acupuncture (5min)
The Today Show explains acupuncture and interviews Dr. Danial Hsu, DAOM of Pacific College of Oriental medicine (PCOM – Bartlett’s almamater).  His patients receiving treatments discuss their experience..

CBS Early Show Acupuncture Demonstration (5 min)
Demonstration of an acupuncture treatment given by Dr. Daniel Hsu, DAOM, a fellow alumnae from Bartlett's acupuncture college, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Amazing Qi Demonstration (10min)
Acupuncturist lights paper on fire, turns on a light bulb and pushes a chopstick though a table top using only Qi in this dramatic demonstration.  A patient of mine has been treated by John Cheng and attests that this video is legit.

Cartoon Bears Discuss Acupuncture (4min)
Two cute cartoon bears discuss acupuncture, including education & training, and what Chinese Medicine treats.