NAET Explained

When a person consumes a food substance or a medicine the body believes is harmful, then the immune system mistakenly believes that the substance is harmful to the system. In its attempt to protect the body, it creates specific antibodies. The next time the individual eats that food, the immune system releases massive amounts of chemicals and histamines in order to protect the body. These chemicals trigger a cascade of allergic symptoms that can affect all the systems of the body such as the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, genitourinary system, skin, the mind, the nervous system, and the cardiovascular system. 1

Patients suffering from allergies, sensitivities and intolerances usually have run the gamut of western medical tests and procedures in hopes of finding a cure. Unfortunately conventional medicine’s allergy treatment does not offer much more than identification of allergens and temporary symptom relief through avoidance and drug therapy: steroids and antihistamines. This approach does not address the main issue involved here: the immune system has identified an otherwise harmless substance as a pathogen.

Conventional medicine does not address the main issue involved here: the immune system has identified an otherwise harmless substance as a pathogen.

Can NAET provide allergy relief?

Regarding conventional treatment of allergies, in Say Goodbye to Illness Dr. Nambudripad observes:

at best, real relief and comfort come only when the allergen is totally avoided, which is more often, impossible . . . new allergies replace those that are successfully avoided, leaving the patient in the same miserable condition, or even worse than before . . . in order to achieve permanent relief from allergic reactions, the central nervous system must be reprogrammed to sense allergens differently than before treatment. The question is:

  •   Is this possible?
  •   Can NAET offer a solution?

The answer is a resounding YES. 2

What is NAET ?

“Nambudripad’s allergy elimination technique (NAET) is an acupuncture-based technique (non-needle) that stops your acupuncture meridian system from having abnormal responses to “allergic” substances.” 3   Jacob Teitelbaum, MD describes the technique this way:
NAET is a blending of the non-invasive procedures from Western and Eastern healing practices that help to eliminate allergies of all kinds, permanently. It is a specific treatment procedure formulated by combining chiropractic and Chinese Medicine principles applied through spinal manipulation, acupuncture, kinesiology, acupressure and nutrition. This powerful process was discovered quite accidentally in November of 1983 by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad, who is a Doctor of Oriental Medical and of the Chiropractic Arts, and is a Licensed Acupuncturist, R.N., and Ph.D. Through the years she has ceaselessly perfected her technique while studying the effect of this technique on thousands of patients. 4

How does NAET work?

Dr. Nambudripad recognizes that all elements of this world have a unique electro-magnetic signature, or wave length. In the case of allergies, sensitivities and intolerances, the body’s immune system has misidentified the signature of a particular substance as a harmful pathogen. This can be a food, environmental or chemical agent. Even another person can cause you to have an adverse reaction, if your energies are not compatible.

In Say Goodbye to Illness, Dr. Nambudripad explains her theory of allergens:

Allergic sensitivities are nothing but the signals to the central nervous system gone awry. The product of these signals, which create repulsion between the central nervous system and other substances, has little to do with the toxic or nontoxic properties of the substances. Instead, they are the result of the way the central nervous system perceives the substance and how it decides whether or not the substance is a compatible field. It is nontoxic or toxic according to how the brain perceives it. If it is perceived as toxic, it will cause blockages in the energy channels. . . 5

Fight or Flight Response to Allergens Causes Energy Blockages in Acupuncture Meridians

When the body comes in contact with the mislabeled agent, it incorrectly perceives it as harmful. When the body is threatened, it goes into a hyper state, as it prepares for fight or flight from the threat (in our early days as cave dwellers, this threat would likely have been a wild animal). It shuts down all non-essential processes, such as immune, urine and bowel function so it can send all available energy to the muscles for fight or flight. The diversion of the body’s energy flow can cause blockages within the acupuncture meridian system.

Allergens Deplete Your Body’s Energy

Dr. Nambudripad feels that exposures to allergens deplete one’s energy:

When the body encounters a foreign substance, the body attracts or repels the foreign substance’s energy. If this foreign energy enters the body, the body resists its entrance if it is an allergen by causing repulsion, and  welcomes it if it is not an allergen by causing attraction. If it is causing repulsion from an allergen, the body uses a lot of energy in order to resist the allergen’s entry and this makes the body very weak. If it is attracted to the foreign energy then both energies will combine and make the body strong. If we look at it another way: during the invasion, the allergen (an allergen has negative energy) will take away your energy ( positive energy) or your body is forced to share its energy to create a balance between you body and the allergen causing your energy to drop (For example: Allergen’s energy = -40 and your energy is +60 = +20. Your energy is lower than before you encountered the allergen and you are going to feel very weak). NAET treatments will convert the allergen into a non-allergen and the negative energy will become positive helping the body to be attracted to the substance. 6

The NAET Technique

Using applied kinesiology (muscle testing) NAET practitioners ask the patient to hold a vial containing a suspected allergen while the practitioner presses down on the patient’s outstretched arm. A weak response indicates the allergen has weakened the patient energy.

Dr. Nambudripad developed the NAET technique to reprogram the body’s immune system so that it no longer identifies the offending agent as a harmful pathogen. The treatment combines acupuncture meridian theory with chiropractic knowledge of spinal nerve roots. The spinal nerve roots innervate all organs, limbs and brain. Likewise the acupuncture meridian system spreads energy (Qi, pronounced chee) to all areas of the body. While the patient holds the vial containing the allergen, using acupressure the practitioner stimulates the spinal nerve roots and acupuncture points, innervating the body’s internal organ systems, to the eliminate energy blockages the allergen causes.

In Say Goodbye to Illness, Dr. Nambudripad explains the mechanism of the NAET technique:

Every time a patient is tested for an allergen, the central nervous system is alerted to the presence of the approaching danger. When the patient is then treated for the allergen, an intentional hyper-chemical state or a temporary fight or flight reaction is created in the body, forcing it to produce the appropriate neuro-chemicals to overcome the oncoming danger: the presence of the known allergen. Tapping at the specific nerve roots will alert the entire nerve pathway, from its origin in the brain to the nerve ending somewhere in the periphery, about the dangerous situation. This will inform the nerve about the adjustment the body is making by releasing appropriate neuro-chemical-antidotes (endorphins, enkephalins, etc.) to neutralize the threat. During the hyper-chemical state, the allergen is once again totally ignored.

. . . Physical contact with the allergen during and after a treatment . . . produces the necessary immune mediators or antidotes to neutralize the adverse reaction coming from the allergen held in the hand. This produces a totally new, permanent and irreversible response to the allergen. It is possible, through stimulation of the appropriate points of the acupuncture meridians, which have direct correspondence with the brain, to reprogram the brain.7

Who Should Consider NAET Treatment?

Anyone, from infants to octogenarians to pets can be successfully treated with NAET. Young children, weak or infirm, pregnant women and those with scoliosis should use a surrogate for treatment. In this scenario, the patient holds the surrogate while the practitioner tests and treats the surrogate. The treatment is energetically passed through the surrogate to the patient.

In addition to those with known allergies, sensitivities and intolerances, those with chronic conditions should consider NAET. Dr. Nambudripad and the ten of thousands of doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nurses and other health care practitioners she has trained in NAET have found that many health conditions turn out to be due to an allergen, sensitivity or intolerances. When this is cleared with NAET treatment, many health conditions improve. So especially if you have a chronic condition that you have tried many different therapies unsuccessfully, consider NAET. It maybe an allergen that is causing your suffering.

A Sample List of Treatable Conditions with NAET



Allergies to:

Environmental agents
Milk products
Prescription drugs
The sun
Your children
Your co-workers
Your spouse


Autoimmune disorders
Bad breath
Blood pressure problems
Chronic fatigue
Dry eyes
Ear infections
Eating Disorders
Excessive appetite
Falling hair
Food cravings
Frequent colds
Frequent infections
General Itching
Heart irregularities
Hormone imbalances

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Kidney disease
Knee pain
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Migraine headaches
Morning sickness
Motion sickness
Mood swings
Nervous stomach
Night sweats
Parasitic Infestation
Poor appetite
Poor memory
Post nasal drip
Restless Leg Syndrome
Rheumatoid arthritis
Stiff neck
Varicose veins
Vision problems
Weight problems
. . . and many more

How Many NAET Treatments Will I Require?

In Say Goodbye to Illness, Dr. Nambudripad discusses length of NAET treatment:

On the average, most patients have taken anywhere from eight to twelve months to achieve satisfactory results.

There have been a few patients with mild cases of allergies who have completed the treatments in one or two visits or in two or three months’ time. These patients were either not seen again, or only on a few follow-up visits. On the average, most patients have taken anywhere from eight to twelve months to achieve satisfactory results. Some extreme cases have taken from three-and-half to four years or more to solve their problems. Allergic patients should keep this time span in mind when they approach any NAET specialists. If treatment is discontinued before completion of all the necessary basic treatments, the results will be unsatisfactory and allergic symptoms are very likely to recur. This will tend to make the patient feel that the allergy itself is to blame or that the treatment is useless. For this reason, it is better not even to start treatment than to start and discontinue too soon, or to start and then cooperate in a halfhearted manner. The allergist will discharge his/her patients with proper instructions just as soon as he/she feels it is safe to do so. 8

My Personal Experience with NAET

I have seen tremendous improvement in energy and digestion function, beginning with my first NAET treatment: Brain Body Function. Whenever I clear an NAET substance I notice a marked increase in energy and improvement in bowel function: two notable areas for which I had not been successful in treating myself with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). After 6 weeks of NAET treatment, my energy level was normal and I was thrilled to be eating nightshade vegetables again. I had avoided them for 20 years due to the arthritic joint pain they caused.

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